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Mind power 

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Power of utilizing one’s mind is the most amazing new age skill, never before in any centaury have we gotten to believe in our ability. Getting out of the mundane regular self demoralizing self talk and empowering oneself to do more with one’s life is what one achieves with the mind power . Right from the time I have known myself, I have been programming myself to utilize not just positive thinking , but also enhancing my positive mental imagery. I remember the time when someone where in I went for an interview for a Training manager’s position told me, quiet mockingly so you think you can Train. And I thought within me of course I believe in it, though I dint get that opportunity, but my imagery and self talk were perpetually building up, initially it took me a while, yet from there began Enlightenment® workshops.  Knowing what you know is reality, knowing what you believe in is perception of that reality which is to come about. I began to aspire more, Imagine more, believe more and positive self talk more.

Since I am a psychology student, I would say I am still is cause one never seems to stop learning human behavior. I noticed certain patterns in my behavior towards creating what I wanted. I realized using one’s mind power required a wee bit of training, and once you see the patterns you can create what you want.

All these years reading about mind power,  and loads of self help books. With more reading into biographies of the people who have made it to the top, I realized that it was all about disciplining the mind.  Lets get going with how to utilize your mental mind power faculties.

Let go and release negative beliefs- exercise breath in and breath out 9 times, and while breathing in relax your body and while breathing out release the negativity.

Program to cut all clutter – clear your mind of limiting self talk and images, by consciously cutting your self when you speak negatively about yourself or others.

Sit in Imagination – let your mind flow and let it create all that it wants, eliminate the belief can this happen, will I get it, may be I am not good enough, how can this happen now? All chuck it all aside, and let your mind play. Let it rise its own ability to create.

Escape from the mundane life – let yourself idealize where you want to be everyday, allowing is an excellent process. Get out of your own way.

Last propel you’re your thought and let it go- once you have visualized what you want and have the key desire to achieve it, with the power to bring it about

Get imaginative, get crazy, get out of the box thinking. Reality is all in your mind. Mind has the amazing power to propel what one wants sooner than imagined. So if you are looking for a fast forward in life , this is the best tried and tested method. Worked for me at least, am sure it would for your as well.

To learn More about Mind Power please contact us at contact@tydideas.com

The course is called Enlightenment-

Through this two-day workshop you will experience enlightenment:

course contents are:


—Become a Psychic, Intuitive, & Channel
—Energy Balancing
—Building a Powerful Invocation
—The Architecture of Your Intuition
—Learn Metaphysics
—Understand the connection of the mind body and soul
—Learn how to manifest Intentions
Day 2
—Question your own blocks and learn to remove them instantly.
—Learn about natural lights that surround us “Auras” and see them with your own eyes.
—Telepathy an innovative method to heal all issues.
—Game to develop ESP
Love and Light

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